Friday, December 9, 2011

High Fashion

This past weekend I was receiving a much needed haircut by a very talented stylist.  During our typical time-passing conversation the question arose,
'Who are your favorite designers?'
A question to which I replied, 'High fashion or ready to wear?'
'High fashion,' the stylist said.
I drew a blank.  Had I really not one designer that I absolutely, wholeheartedly adored?  Perhaps I was too consumed in the retail business to really give it a second thought.
 I responded regrettably, "I don't keep up with it much.'

Stop right there!  Aren't you a clothing store owner, Breanne?  Shouldn't you be able to recite every fashion designer by era & popularity and in alphabetical order at the tip of a hat?  I am certain my college professors would have been embarrassed at my lack of knowledge in that very moment.   I had nothing.  What is wrong with me, why couldn't I at least have pretended I knew what I was talking about.

Of course, I know the classic designers, but for me to answer that question with certainty would have felt like a lie.  I am so apathetic to high fashion, mostly because I can't afford it, although for most people that is half of the appeal; daydreaming of a wedding dress that costs more than your house.  For the sake and purpose of this blog, however, I am going to post up some pieces from today's top designers in hopes to regain my former knowledge in the high fashion industry & leave today with a little more inspiration.

Alexander McQueen- Sound familiar?  That is because he designed the duchess' dress for the royal wedding.  Unlike the vintage-inspired wedding dress Kate graced the aisle with, his designs are often very structured and simple.


Yes, he does feature prints but in his prints I have come to notice there is always a nice symmetry to the patterns.  If the opportunity presented itself then the first thing I would purchase would be a nice, structured blazer.

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