Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Colored Jeans

We just got these in last week!  They are made by BLANK which is my newest favorite denim designer.  Why, you ask; because these pants fit so well, they are comfortable enough to exercise in- I swear it, and They are $88.  I know, designer denim under $100, impossible- until now!

Colored jeans are all the rave in the fashion industry and they are going to be even hotter this Spring. I think what I love the most about colored jeans, is that you can look so trendy with such little effort.  I would pair these pants with a structured blazer over a graphic tee, or a chunky knit sweater and a black pump..and in the warmer months these would look nice with wedges and bright tops.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Small Business Saturday! Holla!

We are pleased to announce that we will be participating in the second annual Small Business Saturday, brought to us by American Express.  You may not be familiarized with the concept as it is a fairly new campaign.  The idea is to help small businesses drive traffic during the Holiday season.  There are so many big box chain stores that offer disgustingly low prices, that many of us small businesses simply cannot compete.  Did you know that when you shop at a small, local, retailer, 45% of what you purchase is pumped directly back into the local economy?  Furthermore, when you shop at a big conglomerate store you are only dispensing a mere 13% back into the local economy.
Holy smokes, batman!

Small businesses are really important, especially now.  They provide the majority of jobs across the United States.  When you shop locally, you are feeding tax dollars back into your own city which employs medics, policemen, firemen, teachers, and so many more.  Let us not forget that small businesses also hire other local small businesses to help them advertise, manufacture, remodel, you name it!

So round-up your American Express gift card and go here: register your card.  

When you spend $25 at a participating retailer (we are one of them) American Express will reimburse you $25 on your next Credit Card Statement.  OMG!  That's like, shopping for free! :)  This is only a ONE DAY DEAL so you must come on Saturday, November 26th to take part.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sizing- friend or foe?

When you are out shopping it is inevitable to avoid the question of which size to grab.  You see the stacks of t-shirts ranging from XS to XL and ponder what size might fit you best.  Then, one might hold the shirt in the air, stretching it from hand to hand so as to visualize how the length and width might lay according to one's body.  The same is true for men as it is for women.  We come in so many different shapes, sizes, and lengths that it is rather challenging to assume 'a one size fits all' approach.

The truth is there is no regulation on sizing in the fashion industry.  A "long" length in denim could mean an inseam of 36" or 33" there simply is no consistency.  This makes the average shopper frustrated and with good reason. 

I often hear women discuss Marilyn Monroe's size 10 to be somewhat unfathomable for being such a popular celebrity; stating things like, 'well Marilyn wore a size 10 you know, women were curvier then!'  Which, agreeably, the statement has some truth to it- famous women were a little bit curvier in the past, but the size 10 does not directly translate to a modern day size 10.  You see, the fashion industry has figured out that psychology has a lot to do with what we purchase, how we purchase, and why we purchase.  If there was a clothing store in which you wore a size 2 and another clothing store in which you wore a size 6..don't you think you would want to see more size '2's' in your closet?  Yes.  Of course- don't feel ashamed.  This is why as time progresses, the sizing has become much more skewed.  If you buy vintage clothing you will be familiar with the differences in sizing; things have become 'roomier' for us.

For men, it is all about the lengths of things.  Men prefer their t-shirts to be long and are often disappointed when the tee's shrink in the wash.  It is important to ask the sales person whether or not the t-shirt was pre-shrunk; if the answer is, 'yes', then you shouldn't expect much shrinking.  We will save laundry 101 for another day's blog, but there are benefits to washing things in a particular way.

There are a few main categories to consider for women:
  • Juniors
  • Young Contemporary
  • Misses
  • Petites
  • Plus Sizes
Juniors-  The sizes in this department are typically numbered ODD numbers.  No, they aren't peculiar-they are usually 1,3,5,7,9,11.  This department is intended for young girls typically 11-18.  Places that which carry these sizes can be department stores, abercrombie & fitch, hollister, wet seal etc.  These sizes run much smaller as they are intended to be worn by teens.

Young Contemporary- The sizes in this category are often EVEN numbers such as; 0,2,4,6,8,10,12.  This department suits young women ages 18-30ish.  Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the difference between young contemporary and women's and usually they are mixed in the same department.  You can find these in department stores, boutiques, and others... that I really can't think of examples of.

Misses- Usually intended for middle-aged women or later.  There will be a more relaxed fit, and comfort is taken into consideration much more.  This would be stores like Talbots, J. Jill, J. Crew, Chico's, etc.

Petite- This category will run shorter in length but can also be narrower to accommodate a smaller frame.  A petite woman is more than a 'vertically challenged' woman, it is meant for a smaller bone structure too.  A good rule of thumb is when shopping petites one should size up by one size; if you wear a 0 in women's select a 2P (2 petite).

Plus Sizes- There is an expanding market for plus sizes.  Usually they begin sizing at 14 but sometimes a 16.  Department stores will carry plus sizes, as will Lane Bryant.  I am not very familiar with stores that offer plus sizing, so please feel free to comment and share suggestions.

Is my blog too long- winded?  There is so much more I can talk about but I will spare you with this last thought.  Below is a different type of sizing, usually only found on jeans.  The number to the left is what you might be more familiar with, and the number to the right represents the waist size-although not always accurate to the size that you select because there are often other contributing factors to the size of jeans we buy.


This also depends on the store, the fabric, the fit, and the clothing line so don't get too hung up on it!  And men's sizing is measured with waist and length of inseam.  The number to the left is the waist size and the number to the right is the inseam or length.

I hope that this blog entry allows you to appreciate the size that you are much more than prior to reading it.  The main purpose of this was to elaborate that sizing is irrelevant and one should ALWAYS choose fit over size.  No one sees the size inside of your pants, and if you are so concerned about it- cut the tags out!  :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BOGO 1/2 off sale!

We are kicking off November with a few specials.  Going on now- Buy One Get One 1/2 Off on all Sale items.  Yes, you heard it correctly!  Buy one sale item, then get 50% off the second sale item of equal or lesser value.  We have got to make room for all of our new sweaters!

Also- help us to reach 400 facebook friends.  We will be giving away a $25 gift card at random to one of our facebook friends.  We will be doing these drawings quite often, so we are definitely worth following!  We really need your help on getting the word out!

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