Friday, March 2, 2012

Unlabeled- what does that mean?

Ah yes, the questions never fail to arise among new shoppers, 'Are you a second hand store?  Do your clothes have labels?"  And the answer is no, we are not a second hand store and yes our clothes do have labels.  The name unlabeled derives from the sense that everyone has their own style; a unique style that cannot be summed up with the simplicity of a title...or label.  If you shop at Unlabeled, then most likely you love to find one-of-a-kind treasures that no one else has along with exclusive styles of tees that have been designed & printed locally.

You see, Unlabeled newbies, we are all about keeping the moo-lah here. As a citizen of the USA and a fellow Okie, I (we) feel it is (my)our duty to contribute to society.  Whether you realize it or not, small businesses attribute a lot to our local economy.  The sales tax that we collect goes to pay teachers, firefighters, policemen and more...but I am getting off track here.

Unlabeled features a lot of local artists, jewelry designers, and crafters plus a few indie brands that you may not otherwise recognize.  Fashion is about the look, not the tag!  We try to keep our prices reasonable (most everything under $100) and we insist on purchasing limited quantities of styles so that not everyone is marching around town in the same digs.

Does the name make sense now? :)

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