Thursday, March 29, 2012

A word of thanks

Until yesterday I was certain that no one read this blog and it was merely a ploy to flood search engines with links to the Unlabeled website.  We don't have a substantial amount of blog followers and let's face it, I am not the most avid blogger or even a very skilled one at that.  But yesterday made me change my way of thinking when I received an anonymous comment, from a complete stranger, complimenting me on how well written this very blog was.  So, in honor of that comment which flattered my ego beyond belief, I will continue our blog but this time, with more affection.

Earlier in the week I had the opportunity to meet some very fabulous people; other local entrepreneurs doing just what it is that I do.  The infamous crowd included Shopcrawlr, Blue 7, Shop Good, Heirloom Shoes, Green Bambino, Bella Vita Jewelry, Keep It Local, A date with Iris, Collected Thread, The Plaza District, Native Roots Market, and a lecture by Braid Creative.  I am certain many of these names are not new to you, and if they are, I do sincerely hope you check them out.  

Braid creative held a very interesting discussion on their business consulting services & informative self-assessment quizzes in which we partook on our own clock.  From these small tests came a fleeting of questions in which I hadn't thought of in some time.  You see, running a business isn't rocket science, but it does utilize your brain in a far less creative way than I had dreamt of prior to opening a shop.  I am often so occupied with calculating numbers, maintaining a budget, and organizing future adventures, that I now lack that initial creative spark that I've always so naturally held onto.  

As I am typing away and rereading for grammatical errors, I ask myself, is this content even appropriate for Unlabeled's Blog?  And it is, I do feel, related to the shop.  I think this because one of the excellent points made by Braid creative was that your customers will shop your store if they like you.  How simple of an idea, I thought, to gain customers simply from being personable.  The longer I lingered on this concept of attracting customers with the same interests as me, made me realize how true that was.  I sincerely enjoy my job, more than any other job I'd ever had before.  Is it scary?  Yes.  Will it make me rich?  That isn't likely, though, one can hope, but it will continue to bring me the same nonsecular pleasure despite the aforementioned uncertainties.  

So thank you, to all of my customers for making it possible for me to live out a dream and love every second of it.  I appreciate your patronage & support so very much. :)

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